Current and Recent Research

  • Word Frequency Effects in Sound Change as a Consequence of Perceptual Asymmetries

    [+] with Janet Pierrehumbert and Jen Hay; published 2019 in Cognition [pdf] [supplement] [code]

  • Diagnosing Change in a Sparse, Bursty Variable: Eh in Pākehā English

    [+] [slides]

  • Unsupervised Morphological Analysis in a Language with Reduplication

    [+] with Jeremy Needle, Jen Hay, and Jeanette King

  • An Adult Protolexicon

    [+] with Yoon Mi Oh, Clay Beckner, Jen Hay, Jeanette King, and Jeremy Needle

  • Quantitative Insights into Māori Word Structure

    [+] with Jeremy Needle, Jeanette King, and Jen Hay

  • Talker and Stereotype in the False Recall of Spoken Words

    [+] with Zion Mengesha and Meghan Sumner [poster]

  • Faithfulness and Exceptionality in Polish Stress

    [+] with Paul Kiparsky [poster] [handout]

  • Syntactic Embedding and Visibility of Morphophonological Structure

    [+] Best student paper at Phonetics and Phonology in Europe, June 2015 [abstract] [slides]